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Medical treatment

With the availablity of health trained personel as well as the use of morden technology in our health services provision, we serve the community around bunda district as well as nearby places.

Our expert plays a great role in offering a qulity services to ensure healthy lives of our partients including you from day to day.

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Is a main department dealing with daily attendance of patient in the hospital, our OPD had been very busy is opened from Monday to Sunday 24 hours.

We accept both Direct Payment and Insurance for partient's.


The hospital has 200 bed capacities available beds are male ward, pediatric ward, female ward, grade ward and maternity, every ward has its own doctor ward round daily from Monday to Friday, during the weekend and after working hour’s doctor on call were available for emergencies.


Theatre has two main operating rooms for major procedure and two smaller rooms for minor procedures. Despite of emergence cases, Major theatres operate every Tuesday and Thursday for elective surgery. Minor theatres operate every day for minor operation.

Welcome to Bunda DDH

BDDH is in the outskirts of the town center of Bunda district south west in Mara Region. It occupies an area of 5,560m2. It has capacity of 200 beds. Access to the hospital is very convenient through an all-weather tarmac road running from Mwanza to Musoma.

The hospital budget is financed by the government (Salaries, basket fund, other charges), National health insurance fund (NHIF) , Cost sharing, House rent, other income ( private ward) and receipt in kind (Medical stores Department, other friends)


Under the Reproductive Child Health (RCH) Department, Deals with health promotion, prevention of diseases (vaccination), and the clinic targeted to offer services into villages which are nyamakokoto and Balili. Provide services during working hours from Monday to Friday. The most activities deal with primary prevention.

Major services offered are antenatal examination, HIV counseling and screening, vaccination, health education and family planning. PMTCT services, optional B+, post- natal care, DBS for PCR, PITC under one year up to five, MRDT-test, syphilis test, This department needs special attention because it’s very crucial department in the Hospital, most of services provide in this department provided free.


Palliative Care

Deals with incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension/stroke and HIV/AIDS supported by ELCT Head quarter diocese. It provides services in the wards and home based care services Day care services, orphanage and most vulnerable children assistance and care of educational material, patient nutritional and social support, health education. Now days is the program is challenged of shortage of morphine key drug for relieving severe pains especially to cancer patients and shortage of fund due to external donors withdrawal their assistances and no budget allocated by the hospital for the service.


Social Welfare

Social welfare services are provided daily this includes counseling to clients who experienced violence of all kinds; this includes physical, emotional and sexual. Provision of post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and emergency oral contraceptive (EOC) respectively prevent HIV/AIDS infection and pregnancy respectively to survivors of rape cases, trace and identify patients who have been abandoned by their relative and try to re-link them again or propose for exemption from hospital secretary’s office and also to make follow up to cases concerning violence which have been reported to police section.


X-Ray Diagnostic

We have X-ray and Ultrasound machine under the maintenance of hospital technical department all are in use. The department provides 24 hours’ services of radiology to patient with internal problems.

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General Information

P.O. BOX 424, Balili Street,

Bunda - Mara - Tanzania

Phone: +255 677 002 969

Email: inquiry@bundahospital.co.tz

Medical Officer Incharge

Phone: +255 768 498 641

Phone: +255 685 556 559

Email: mo@bundahospital.co.tz